2nd Folding Boat Sailing World Championship

20 July 2024

This is the Folding Boat Sailing World Championship

You have a folding boat with sails? Then come to the Folding Boat Sailing World Championship! All sailors of foldable kayaks, canoes and dinghies with and without outriggers are invited to sail this regatta together with us.

There is a second classification for small sailors up to 6m in length with a fixed hull. They are also welcome to sail with the folding boats.

Take heart and sign up to take part in the Folding Boat Sailing World Championship. If you are unsure, just come a week earlier and take part in the training camp for canoe sailors.

This regatta for folding boat sailors is all about community. Here on the em² campus you will meet like-minded people with the same hobby, very special, very likeable people, folding boat sailors. You can exchange experiences, get inspired, learn from others and, of course, celebrate. Folding boats are not racing dinghies, we know that, and that’s why the sporting aspect is not so much in the foreground. But the sporting thought comes all by itself before every sailing regatta, when the sailors are reliably infected by regatta fever before the start. Regatta fever is highly contagious, but fortunately not a disease. There are still screws, repairs and “just quickly” last optimisations on boat and rig, buoyancy bodies are pumped up and so on. Everything has to be ready for the helmsman’s briefing, then you find out the course and we start right away. The course to be sailed is set according to the current weather conditions. The length of the sailing route will be between 3 and 8 km, so we will sail for about an hour.

In addition to the regatta for the folding boat sailing world championship, there will be a second classification for all small sailors up to 6m in length with a solid hull such as kayaks, canoes, dinghies or hobies. All can take part. Depending on the size of the field, the start will be staggered.


Saturday, 20 Juli 2024


em² Campus am Strelasund (Baltic Sea
Am Strelasund 1
18519 Sundhagen


Ingo Müller
Tel.: +49 151 58140883
E-Mail: ingo@em2.de



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Paddles should only be used in emergency situations (strict interpretation of the Walter Becker compensation formula). You must be able to swim and wear a wetsuit or life jacket.

What are the class rankings?

  • Folding boat sailor
  • Fixed hull boat sailor

The overall winner receives the coveted challenge cup (laser sword).

For the folding boats there are additional scores

  • Fastest boat
  • Single-handed
  • with bowman
  • most beautiful boat
  • oldest boat
  • furthest journey
  • best dressed crew

em² will donate prizes for the winners in the individual categories.

How does the Folding Boat Sailing World Championship work?

Saturday, 20 July 2024

  • 11:00 a.m. Coxswain’s meeting, announcement of the course
  • 12:00 a.m. Start
  • 2:30 p.m. Coffee and cake
  • possibly another round of sailing
  • 6:30 p.m. Dinner
  • followed by award ceremony and campfire

How much does it cost to participate in the Folding Boat Sailing World Championship?

Participation in the regatta is free of charge. For the sailors, em² will sponsor coffee, cake and dinner.

Overnight stay

You can stay overnight on the em² campus with a tent or camper van.

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Jeder Gast des em² Campus kann in der Kombüse mitmachen. Den Mitseglern der Faltbootsegel-Weltmeisterschaft sponsert em² Kaffee, Kuchen und das Abendessen. Gäste sind herzlich eingeladen mitzuessen und zu feiern. Sie zahlen die Verpflegung zu den em² Preisen aus der Kombüse. Bitte meldet euch bei der Buchung gleich mit an, damit das Kombüsenteam planen kann.