Wednesday regatta for canoe sailors

24 July 2024

Description of the Wednesday Regatta for Canoeists

As part of Canoe Sailing Week 2024, we sail the Wednesday Regatta. The Wednesday regatta takes place in many places and is a fixed event among sailors. Here on the Strelasund in Stralsund or Stahlbrode, regattas are also regularly sailed on Wednesdays.

We sail the Wednesday regatta as part of the canoe sailing week with small boats. It is specially designed for kayaks, canoes or dinghies. Dare you! We do not sail according to Yardstick. If you know the dodging rules, that’s good. You have a great opportunity to compete with others and see where you stand. The sporting idea comes automatically when several boats sail together, true to the motto “two boats are one regatta”. But it is not the most important thing.


Wednesday, 24 August 2024


em² Campus am Strelasund (Baltic Sea)
Am Strelasund 1
18519 Sundhagen (Germany)


Bert Müller
Phne:+49 151 58140883




The course is set according to the current weather conditions, so we sail for about two hours. We start off the beach upwind and the finish is on the same course in the other direction. During the helmsmen’s briefing you will get the exact sailing instructions for the course. We will use the fairway buoys on the Strelasund as course markers.

Who can take part?

All small sailing boats (under 6m in length) can take part. There are no further restrictions.

How does the Wednesday regatta work?

  • 3 p.m. Helm briefing, announcement of the course
  • 3:45 p.m. Start
  • 6:00 p.m. Finish, end of the race
  • Afterwards award ceremony​

Are you curious and have questions?

Just call or send Bert a message.

0152 22759111

Overnight stay

You can stay overnight on the em² campus with a tent or camper van.

Wikinger Wochen


Every guest of the em² Campus can join in the galley. Guests are welcome to join in the meal. You pay for the food at the em² prices from the galley. Please register when booking or at the latest on arrival so that the galley team can plan.