Sailing has to be learned

The world of sailing is vast and unmanageable for beginners. From the traditional wooden boat to the fast-as-an-arrow carbon runabout, from relaxed cruising with everything on board or the minimalist who enjoys nature and natural locomotion. They all have one thing in common: the craft of sailing. With its know-how and products, the em² Campus team wants to make your entry into the world as easy as possible. With the equipment and the right training, you will find your way on the water.

Learn to sail on kayaks? Yes, exactly! But why?

A sailing boat for beginners should be as easy as possible, especially for children. Boats for beginners are usually white Optis, but these are less appealing to adults and due to their size are rather poorly suited for training with adults or adults with children. Kayaks, on the other hand, offer the advantage of sitting behind each other. This means that there can even be room for three people, for example two adults and a child.

The rig structure is based on large boats, as is the line guide. This means that everything you learn in our sailing courses can also be used on any other boat. Due to the comparatively small design, the boats are easy to transport and handle; consequently, the forces acting on them are not as great and dangerous as on larger boat classes.

Especially the entry into sailing as a hobby has many hurdles. Our goal with em² is to make these hurdles easy to overcome. After a sailing course you will be able to sail independently on the water, driven only by the wind. We are happy to accompany you on your sailing journey and help you with driving licences and sailing badges or the development of your skills on the water!