Start of the season at the Edersee 2023

We had a beautiful, all-round successful weekend!

Saturday started with a hearty “North Hessian” Weißwurst breakfast. Helmut smuggled the sausages over the Weißwurst equator from Munich especially for this. This was to become a tradition, because afterwards there was enough energy to rig the boats. Sails were made clear and then it was off onto the water. For most it was the first strokes of 2023. It was still quite fresh on the water and even more so in the water. The Edersee had 10°C. We rounded off the great sailing day in the evening at the barbecue with Bavarian Hellen and Sundschlehe.

With bright sunshine and pleasant temperatures, we set sail on Sunday and sailed from Rehbach to Bringhausen. At the beginning, the wind was a bit slow, but then it freshened up and brought a few good gusts from different directions. It’s just the Edersee – North Hessian special.
Monday. on the workers’ fighting day and public holiday, the wind went on strike, it must not have been happy with the pay. What luck that we sail paddle boats! We took the sails off the boats and paddled off. At the end, we had a hearty meal at the inn.

All in all, we had a great weekend and the long journey was worth it.

Next year at the same time and in the same place.

Ingo Müller