em² Campus

Here everything revolves around canoeing

Welcome aboard

Push off from shore, you leave everything behind and all that matters is the moment. The wind takes hold of the sails and you are in charge.

The em² Campus is the meeting place for all those who sail canoes. Whether you are a folding boat sailor, airboat sailor, kayak sailor or canoe sailor, the em² crew welcomes you! Here you can experience seamanship, feel comfortable and enjoy your free time.

Introducing the em² Campus

The em² campus is located directly on the Strelasund with a view of the holiday island of Rügen, between the two Hanseatic cities of Stralsund and Greifswald. The Neuhof Marina is located at the end of the spur road from Neuhof. On its grounds, behind the barrier, on the last tip of the mainland, lies the em2 Campus, in the middle of a natural paradise. The nightingale wakes you up in the morning, sea eagles circle above you, kingfishers nest in the shore groves and if you are lucky, you can see otters or grey seals in the Strelasund.

You can stay on the em² campus

  • camp or stay in a camper van
  • look at, touch, experience and buy sailing equipment in the em² canoe sailing shop
  • learn to sail, improve your sailing technique and gain confidence – the em² crew will guide you from your first sailing
  • attempts to achieving your goals
  • be part of em² events
  • organise outdoor events, sail training camps, outdoor seminars, youth trips and other group events yourself
  • experience seamanship and fellowship
  • be pampered by the galley
  • meet other canoeists
  • go safely on the water with em² Back-Up
  • sail on our yacht “PigPin
  • rent sailing kayaks, SUP, paddle boats and other sports equipment
  • go to the sauna
  • relax by the campfire
  • play beach volleyball


em² Campus am Strelasund (Baltic Sea/Ostsee)
Am Strelasund 1
18519 Sundhagen (Germany)

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Seamanship is the international code of conduct for seafarers. It is a code of conduct for safe navigation, living together on the ship and meeting other ships.

Coexistence at sea is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation, help and support, which seafarers give each other without being asked. The em² Campus is based on these thoughts.


Why canoeing

Sail your way

Canoeing has many advantages

  • You are free, sail where you like
  • It is easy to get into sailing
  • You are flexible, paddle or sail
  • Very cheap compared to other sailing boats
  • You don’t need a trailer
  • You don’t need a mooring
  • You do not need winter storage
  • Low maintenance compared to a yacht